Prepare for Takeoff!

Are flying cars actually becoming a reality? Slovaki-based company Aeromobil certainly seems to think so.

Terrafugia Transition, a car-airplane hybrid, recently earned an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration as a “light sports aircraft.” As Aeromobil says, “it’s easier to create a street-legal airplane than an air-legal car.” Plus, by terming their vehicle a “light sports aircraft,” the company doesn’t have to wade through overwrought legal processes. Instead, the vehicle can be operated by anyone with a ‘sport pilot’ license (earned after 20 hours of training). 

This kind of designation marks a step closer towards street-legalization of the first “flying cars,” and it could open a niche for automakers who want to aim for the skies. And, of course, what company wouldn’t want to brand their vehicle as traversing both ground and sky? The future might see a new Duo line of vehicles from Mercedes, or a Rize from Volkswagen.

Sooner than later, automotive companies may decide to broaden their horizons with a whole new line of cars that go beyond just the paved road.