Enjoy The Show

The automotive landscape seems destined for a number of changes, with capstones in safety, productivity, and even sociability. But could this landscape be stretched to include, say, art?

This video shows a 1935 Police Motorcycle Parade in Rome, where hundreds of officers rode motorbikes in synchronized choreography. Fully autonomous cars could modernize this event, adding speed and complexity. Companies may hire a fleet to form their company’s logo, to showcase high-tech speaker systems moving in sync to the music, or even to invite audience members to join them in the performance. As with concerts, firework displays, or even theme-park performances, spectators around the world would come to appreciate the sight, perhaps even getting involved themselves.

As a result, a sense of community would grow among audience members, and the brands would increase their own visibility. What brands do you think would want to take advantage of this artful opportunity? And what other events might there be that could connect certain brands with these kinds of feel-good, community-based shows?