Atieva’s Edna: A Force to be Reckoned With

A leading Silicon Valley-based automotive startup, Atieva’s established itself as the leader in electric car design, engineering, and technology. The Atieva team recently revealed their newest creation: an all-electric vehicle named Edna. Similar to the famous Incredibles movie character, Edna Mode, Atieva’s Edna is fierce and talented. It has also proven itself to be the “quickest van in the West”, outracing a Tesla Model S and Ferrari California T. 

Atieva is striving to redefine the car and plans to launch an all-electric sedan in 2018 followed by a pair of luxury crossovers in 2021. What could this mean for previously considered “winners” of the automotive industry, like Tesla and Ferrari, and how can they hope to catch up to Edna?

With Edna stealing away first place, major automotive brands may need to tap into branding strategies to reclaim their top positions in the industry. But how could Atieva position both Edna and its future brands branding of Edna in order to maintain its momentum?